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    Username: BaNzzzzz Are you guilty of the rule you broke? Yes Banned Username banz Provide the username you used on Minecraft when you were initially banned. banz Current Minecraft Username prestigebanzzzz What clicking method did you use? Butterfly What client/version/modpack...
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  3. BaNzzzzz


    Username: BaNzzzzz What server are you applying for Skyblock First Name h Country or Timezone h Age h Discord username h Birthday h Why do you want to become staff? h How long have you played on AlightMC? h How many hours a week can you dedicate to AlightMC? h What...
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    Staff Apps

    use this link to apply!
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    Ban Appeals

    Ban appeals Don't try to lie, we will check logs, etc. unless you have undeniable proof you were falsely banned please state that. thanks!